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Magnolia Minute – Assessing an Equestrian Property

Magnolia Minute – Assessing an Equestrian Property

Real estate in The Woodlands, Spring, and Magnolia, we have it all!  In this Magnolia Minute, Utah “turned the reins” over to me, her horse loving, Realtor sidekick!  As a person who has owned and developed several horse properties I know from experience that there are several critical elements that impact the enjoyment and use of any acreage.

To begin with, you need to be sure that you will be able to use the property the way you intend.   You may see the terms “restricted” or “unrestricted” when property is listed. Chapter 202 of the Texas Property code defines a “Restrictive covenant” to mean any covenant, condition, or restriction contained in a dedicatory instrument, whether mandatory, prohibitive, permissive, or administrative.  A real estate agent can be aware of these designations, but I always advise buyers and sellers to consult an attorney if they have any questions regarding how restrictions, if any, impact the proposed land use of the subject property. 

The challenges of keeping a horse on two acres of land vary in degree from those on twenty acres.  However, there are some common concerns.  Once we “pass go” on the land use it is important to look at how the land lays relative to access and drainage.   If the road into the property is aggregate/stone/dirt, I check for signs of ruts or low spots that could limit access during rainy periods. I envision how a horse trailer or delivery truck could enter and exit the property.  If improved, I note where the house and barn/paddocks are located to assure that there is positive drainage away from all structures.  Here in Texas, we sometimes have more rain than can easily drain from a property.  Standing water is a breeding source for mosquitoes and kills out grass.  There needs to be some area on the property where an animal could stand up out of water and mud. 

Next, I consider the improvements.  I look for the functional layout of paddocks and perimeter fences, the type of materials used,  and if the structures have been maintained.   On smaller acreages the issue of manure disposal is a very practical concern.  When properly managed neighbors will welcome a ready source of premium compost for their yards and gardens. If not managed, it can become a source of run-off pollution, nuisance and unhappy neighbors.

I have only touched on a few of the practical concerns when assessing acreage and encourage buyers and sellers alike to enlist the services of an experienced real estate professional to assist in the assessment.

Homes for Sale Magnolia

Homes for Sale Magnolia

Magnolia, Texas is the place to live in if you want the comforts of a country home and conveniences of a city lifestyle. Located in Montgomery County, Magnolia is close to Houston and residents enjoy all the amenities of the city. The town of Magnolia has experienced booming growth in recent years and homes in various shapes and styles have been built and this guarantees that whatever your style, you will find a home that meets your very needs.

The town of Magnolia is full of history. In its early days, this was a small industrial town where sawmilling was the main activity. Originally known as Mink, the town’s name was changed early in the twentieth century but the industrial past is still evident as a busy railroad is still in use in Magnolia.

The town has special appeal for horse owners and there are many outlets supplying stock feed and supplies and there are many horses for sale. If you are looking for a home that will accommodate not just you but also your horses, the one town where you can never go wrong is Magnolia. In Magnolia, the country and the city blend naturally.

If you are looking for the traditional single family home, you will find such a home in the Hidden Cove Drive, Magnolia. This magnificent home is one storied and has a fenced backyard. The home has three bedrooms and two baths, a kitchen that leads to the family room and a fireplace. Hidden Cove Drive is close to the Woodlands so as a resident here you will have access to all the facilities that the Woodlands is endowed with.

Horse owners will find their ideal home at Timber Oaks Court, Magnolia. These homes are built on close to seven acres of land which is vinyl fenced and has pastures and barns. The traditional single family home here has four bedrooms and three and a half baths plus a spacious kitchen.

On Monarch Oak Dr, Magnolia TX are many prime and newly constructed homes.  An example is a new construction on 1023 Monarch Oak Dr Magnolia, TX 77354. This single family home has three bedrooms and three baths and is built to allow for owner customization as much as possible. It has high ceilings and blinds for the rear door. This all-brick house has ceramic tiles and granite countertops. The kitchen is spacious and the outdoors allow for the creation of a flower garden.

The range of properties available for sale in Magnolia Texas is vast and every taste is catered for. Whether you are looking for a single family home or a Townhouse, you will find one in Magnolia. For this town which has a dual country and city complexion, there are also plenty of country homes, complete with facilities for horses. For the last category of homeowners, it should be gratifying to know that even vets are easy to find here. When you are looking for homes for sale Magnolia, always seek the services of a realtor who has experience selling homes in the area.